"For I was hungry & you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty & you gave me something to drink..."

Matthew 25:35

Friday, April 4, 2008

mint cupcakes

i made cupcakes:

White Cupcakes with Mint Pieces & Mint Frosting.
yummo! i'm far to lazy (i'm lazy alot) to type out the recipe.

basically it's a vey basic white cupcake recipe & i threw in some Andes baking pieces. the frosting is a basic Crisco, milk, powdered sugar, vanilla frosting- except instead of vanilla i used peppermint extract! throw in a few drops of green food coloring- throw some Andes baking pieces on top and WALLA!!! i adore mint- so i'm quite pleased!

i've already eaten one- and i have three extra ones sitting on the counter calling to me- i'm saving them for Holly & the kids so i'm going to ignore their calls.
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